We’ve made an ordinary date into a special day

In october the Saleman’s Day is celebrated and we’ve created a very interesting endomarketing action for Ritec Máquinas e Ferramentas, called #SomosTodosVendedores (#WeAreAllSalesmen)

The idea was to show that all employees have an important role in the sales process and that each detail makes the difference: good service, space cleanliness and neatness, a smile on the face, the coffee temperature, expertise, empathy, etc. They all together sell the Ritec brand.

So we’ve turned an ordinary date into a special day. In the morning, before work, everybody was welcomed by the CEO, who talked about the market challenges and about how important is the focus on customer experience. The employees have also received a gift kit for the event: a bag, a water bottle, a letter reinforcing the message #SomosTodosVendedores and a voucher for an açaí sorbet in the afternoon, to refresh and — symbolically — give “energy to sell”.

To ensure the effect on employees lasted longer, we also created posters, banners and screen displays with phrases and tips about selling and customer experience. These messages have been exchanged over the weeks, so that employees always had contact with news on the topics.

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