An agency serving another agency. How so?

Simple as that. Milk has been our partner for many years. Ivan, our director, has worked there between 2005 and 2008. Since then, these companies have always kept their doors open one to another. Milk is specialized in doing connections with healthy people and Sim Propaganda helps Milk on the challenge of delivering creation parts to actions of major brands.

It has been many years and lots of work

Together, we have already served clients like Batavo, Caloi, Centauro, Johnson & Johnson, Levi´s, Mizuno, Nestlé, Nike, Oakley, Olympikus, Prefeitura de São Paulo, Puma, Sigvaris, Skechers, Skol Ultra, among others. It has been many years and lots of work. We have made a small selection of images in here, so that you can get to know our projects better.

Other cases.