Milk Comunicação

Sports marketing for major brands

An agency serving another agency. How so?

Simple as that. Milk has been our partner for many years. Ivan, our director, has worked there between 2005 and 2008. Since then, these companies have always kept their doors open one to another. Milk is specialized in doing connections with healthy people and Sim Propaganda helps Milk on the challenge of delivering creation parts to actions of major brands.

It has been many years and lots of work

Together, we have already served clients like Batavo, Caloi, Centauro, Johnson & Johnson, Levi´s, Mizuno, Nestlé, Nike, Oakley, Olympikus, Prefeitura de São Paulo, Puma, Sigvaris, Skechers, Skol Ultra, among others. It has been many years and lots of work. We have made a small selection of images in here, so that you can get to know our projects better.

Stock Car Photo & Video Coverage

The thrill of the racetrack materialized in photos and videos.

A new agency in Ribeirão Preto

Few days from turning 13 years of history, Sim Propaganda is now carrying out what it considers to be an important movement in its operations: originally based in Piracicaba, it also starts to operate in Ribeirão Preto.

It’s safe to say they are the best partners of Milk. The people are always ready to help and think outside the box, always bringing innovative solutions. In these long years working together we’ve already made projects for Mizuno, Oakley, Olympikus, Nestlé, Centauro, Nike, Sigvaris, Batavo, among many others.

Ricardo Santos

Our partnership with Sim Propaganda has started many years ago, when we and our companies were still very young. Since then, all the projects with Sim are marked by professionalism, commitment, humbleness and an extraordinary ability to understand and communicate what sometimes even we can’t properly understand. It’s an honor to be part of their history.

Andrea Fellet Orsi
Lagoa Bonita

Sim created my first logo and updated it. We evolved together! The creative team process is incredible. They are extremely professional and understand what you are looking for.

PhD. Vicky Pileggi

We are extremely satisfied with this partnership. Sim team have the ability to reproduce what we request. Most of the time, exceeding expectations.

Carolina Benacchio

I’m sure it was the best choice for West Brasil, because they’ve always served us with high efficiency and readiness, listening carefully and explaining each detail. I highly recommend Sim to any company or professional who’s looking to exceed the expectations and add value to their brand.

Juliana Mochizuki Montanhana
West Brasil - Mobil

Sim Propaganda is part of our history and growth. I’m sure they have a huge influence on this process, because nothing would be possible without their help, dedication and involvement. We maintain this partnership since 2009 for believing in their competence and fidelity. I’m very grateful for Sim.

Flávia Salgado
LS Holding

Sim Propaganda

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