Creation of a brand identity (and much more) to Taphouse

“I’m starting my business and I’d like to know how the brand and visual identity creation service works. I’m still deciding on a name for it, I’d also like to know if you can help me decide on it.”

We received this e-mail from a couple who have had successful careers in two Sao Paulo-based multinationals. They wanted to go back to the countryside to make a dream come true: start a craft beer bar. They are both beer sommeliers and have decided to transform their passion into a business.

There was a strong connection between us right away. Our initial meetings were much more than a simple commercial proposal; we were already talking about a life project: the life of two people who would deposit – literally – all of their resources in that project, which further increases our sense of responsibility as an advertising agency. And that is how it happened, we formalized the partnership and started to work right away.

Despite name options our clients had considered, we thought something more remarkable would be necessary. It could not be just another bar, it had to be unique: to have a concept, an identity, and to surprise people. That’s how Em nome do Malte – Tap House was born (literally, “In the name of Malt”), a bar that offers you heavenly beer choices to drink on your knees. A bar not with clients, but believers instead. A bar that treats the customers as “brothers and sisters”.

A bar in which you tie a ribbon on the door so that you never run out of beer in your life. A bar that has an interesting story to tell.

We then moved to a second phase in which we participate on the menu definition, pricing, logo development, uniforms, decoration pieces, social media posts, relationship management with digital influencers, etc. This honest and close relationship between client and agency also gave us the liberty to suggest on everything we believed could be improved for the inauguration, after all, we all had a common goal: to make the business successful. And that is how marketing should work: examining all the variables involved, setting strategies and applying them in practice, always respecting client investment.

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