From the selection of models to the graphic production: we took care of everything on these Sigvaris materials.

It fills our hearts with joy to see beautifully printed material coming out of the printing shop directly to the client. That is what happened on these projects we executed for Sigvaris. Our involvement began on the selection of models, to photographic production, graphic project, editing, files completion and even the graphic production. Along with all our experience and selecting the best partners, we could deliver the projects on a high level, with really competitive production costs.

One of the biggest challenges

In their printed portfolio, one of the biggest challenges was organizing the large volume of information and specifications, besides their division tabs, which have made the project quite complex. We also developed two visual aids, one directed to angiologist doctors and the other one focusing on gynecologists. All these materials are used on sales reps’ visits to doctors and shopkeepers.

Sigvaris Group is a swiss multinational company with over 150 years of history and with extensive experience on elastic compression solutions, highlighting measured compression socks manufacturing.

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